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MD3080A金属探测器是我公司推出的第二款水下金属探测器,它采用铝质金属外壳,双重的密封设计可使整机在水下40米范围内安全使用。当探测到金属目标时,由红色高亮灯光指示及耳机音响报警,具有全金属探测及抑制铁质金属的功能。该产品经过“CE” “ROHS”认证。
u 可在海滩、海水、淡水中等区域有效开展寻宝活动;
u 沉船打捞,水下考古;
u 水雷及掩埋遗弃化武搜寻、电缆或管道跟踪等;
u **领域中,可用于探测水中的金属物品。
1. 整机能在水下40米范围内工作;
2. 造型新颖美观,铝质材料的使用增加了安全系数;
3. 探测灵敏度可调;
4. 报警方式:红色灯光及耳机报警;
5. 具有自动欠压报警功能:当电池电量不足时,可通过连续报警声和LED常亮提醒用户更换电池;
6. 探杆长度可根据探测者需要进行调整;
1. 水下工作深度≤40米;
2. 探测距离:50美分硬币  180mm ;
3. 电源:1节9V电池(DC IEC 6F22);
4. 工作电流:16 mA(待机工作电流);
5. 工作温度:―10 ~ +50℃;
6. 探杆伸缩尺寸:104 ~ 124 cm;
7. 探头尺寸:10 inch;
8. 重量:约1.8 kg。

For the avid beach comber, treasure diver, wader along FL's treasure coast, or deep sea diving detector, the Sand Shark has what you are looking for. Unlike most underwater detectors, the Sand Shark Pro works great in salt water as well as freshwater, and with a maximum depth of 132 feet, there is virtually no treasure out of your grasp. With only two knobs, this detector is a miracle of high technology. One knob is for power on, battery test, and discrimination, the other knob is for sensitivity. Lightweight, with comfortable foam grip, this detector is a pleasure to use in or out of the water. The detector takes one Alkaline 9-volt battery which provides over 65 hours of operation time. Great for wading or diving, you don't have to worry about your metal detector getting wet. Pinpointing is a breeze with only the slightest movement needed for positive target results. With Pulse Induction technology, state of the art patented quartz crystal electronics the Sand Shark Pro operates in the most mineralized conditions. With the included waterproof and specially engineered piezo-elastic headphones, this detector is truly a treasure hunters dream
•    水陆两用金属探测器为专用仪器,仪器一经售出概不接受退货。如果我们判定仪器自身未符合我们的出厂标准,我们将免费为您更换仪器。您在使用仪器探测过程中,我们并不能保证您一定有所发现,因受诸多因素影响,如大地的介电常量、金属的品种和物理的深度、尺寸、当地的地理环境和土壤结构等,测量结果会有一定的误差。
•    一般来说,面积越大、数量越多、探测深度也越大;面积越小、数量越少, 相应的探测深度也越小。

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